Business card data registered in Sansan can be transferred to Salesforce to integrate/link your customer information. Data from Sansan is transferred to a Salesforce business card object, and can then be associated with an Account, Contact, or Lead object in Salesforce.



  • To use this function, system administrator level permission is required.


Compatible Salesforce Editions

Integration is available for editions that have Web API functionality. The usage environment requires some adjustment of settings.

Product Edition
Sales Cloud Professional (※1)
Service Cloud Professional (※1)
Salesforce Platform(※2) Platform Starter
Platform Plus

(※1) There is an additional charge on the Salesforce side.

(※2) It can be used in combination with Enterprise or higher editions and when lead objects are not used.



  • With Salesforce integration, we will connect Sansan single organization with Salesforce single architecture (Single-Org). If you'd like to use another connection method, be sure to ask your sales representative in advance because other adjustments may be required.
  • ​Versions of the AppExchange package prior to 1.28 do not support Salesforce Shield. ​


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