From the recipient settings, you will map the Sansan user and the Salesforce account to decide who will take over as owner when transferring to Salesforce.


Requirements for Sansan users whose data will be transferred

Users that will be integrated with Salesforce are those selected in “2. Select a user” with access permission.

*Users listed in “3.Recipient” are the users who will be transferred.


Requirement for Salesforce users to be mapped

To select as “Salesforce Users for Transfer”, the Salesforce account needs access permission to Business Card Object. 

here for more details on Salesforce licenses.

※Users with "Chatter External / Chatter Free" license cannot be set as recipients.

As well as being subscribed to an appropriate Salesforce license, users must have additional permission to use Business Card Object. Click here for more details.


Requirements for automatic matching

During the initial setup of the integration, a Salesforce user who matched the Sansan user’s email address will be mapped automatically.

Below Sansan users will be mapped with Salesforce authentication users by default.

  • Matched with Salesforce user with "Chatter External / Chatter Free" license
  • Couldn’t match email address and Salesforce username
  • Users added after initial Salesforce integration had been completed