These are the necessary steps and settings to integrate Sansan with Salesforce.


  • Setup of this integration requires the following permissions: Sansan administrator, API integration, Salesforces administrator. (Changing permissions)
  • Available for editions that include the Salesforce Web API function.
  • After processing begins, time to completion will vary based on the number of contacts and amount of information involved.



1. Salesforce authentication and user mapping

1. In the top right of the screen, click on your name >  "Admin Settings" >  "Integration with Other Services".

*We recommend you create a dedicated Sansan user, and use it for the integration.

*All the business cards which are viewable by the Sansan user used for the integration will be linked with Salesforce. If you wish to limit the business card to transfer, create a department specifically for the integration user account, and set access permission to limit the access range based on the departments, by referring to this help page.


2. Under the Salesforce tab, click "Start setting up Salesforce".

3. Choose the environment type and click "Go to Authentication".

The Salesforce login screen will be displayed. 


4. Enter your Salesforce username, password and click "Log in".

The access permission screen will be displayed.  

*If you have set IP address restrictions in Salesforce, please use the inquiry form to send a request with the subject line, "Request for IP address for Salesforce integration".


5. Check the screen and click "Allow".

Authentication will complete and details on the connection will be displayed.


6. Click "Go to set up".


7. Select users.

All the business cards to which the selected Sansan user has access permission will be sent to Salesforce.

Only users who have API Key access rights can be selected from the drop-down.

8. Check if the accounts are mapped properly.

If the email address for the Sansan user and Salesforce username are the same, it will be mapped automatically.

If there is no Salesforce username which matches a Sansan user's email address, that Sansan user will be mapped with the Salesforce account which you used for authentication by default


9. If you want to change the “Salesforce User for Transfer”, there are 2 ways.

*Please move to step 10 if you don't want to change the recipient.

・ Change the recipient individually

If you click “Edit” in the right, the "Change recipient" screen will be displayed.

・ Change the recipient in bulk

 If you click “Import from file” button on the left, you can download and import the mapping settings via CSV file.


10. After you finish mapping the users, click "Save".

Please confirm the status of integration from the [Salesforce] tab.


2. Apply Salesforce Permission Set

Grant the "Sansanデータ連携実行ユーザ (= Sansan Data Integration User)" permission set to the Salesforce authentication user.

1. Log in to Salesforce as a system administrator.
2. Click [Setup] from the gear icon in the upper right.
3. Enter "Permission Set" in the Quick Search and select it.
4. Click "Sansan データ連携実行ユーザ".
5. Click "Manage Assignments" then "Add Assignments".
6. A list of users will be displayed. Select the user for Salesforce authentication and click "Assign".
7. Click "Done".