When connecting your contacts (automatically) to "Sansan_CI", there was an error where tags were lost. Here, we'll show you how to recover your tags in case this happened to you.

※ Target users have been contacted in advance. If you have not received an email from us, no recovery is required.



  1. Install recovery package
  2. Schedule recovery
  3. Uninstall recovery package



  • You cannot export any edited fields into a report.
  • All records you can access will be updated (both Last Modified User and Last Modified Date).
  • Any triggers or WorkFlows may activate, which may cause any records not to update.
  • You cannot export any error records into a report.
  • You cannot select error records and rerun the recovery package.

If you want to avoid the above, please use the DataLoader to update your records. Learn more about this here.


Recover tags using the recovery package

1. Install recovery package

Please install the recovery package from here.



  • You've already upgraded to Sansan_CI 1.19.4 or later
    You can check which version you're currently using from here.
  • If you're using 1.19.4 or below, update to the latest version.
  • You're a Salesforce system administrator
  • You can access all records that require recovering


2. Schedule recovery

Register the following Apex Classes.

  • Schedule_UpdateAllLead (will update all leads)
  • Schedule_UpdateAllContact (will update all contacts)>

If you weren't using tags for leads and there is no need for recovery, you can just register "Schedule_UpdateAllContact".


Open Apex Class in settings.


Click "Schedule Apex".

Enter job name (optional), Apex Class, and Apex schedule (optional).


Schedule Settings

Open "Scheduled Jobs" in settings.

Make sure that the "Next Scheduled Run" is your desired time and date.
If you want to change, click "Manage".


Check results

Once complete, we'll send the results by email to the user who scheduled.

We only sample up to 10 errors for each error. If you would like to view other errors, after you've dismissed the error, you can view all errors by updating using the DataLoader.

Once the recovery is complete, delete your set schedule from "Scheduled Jobs".


3. Uninstall recovery package

Once the tags have been recovered, please uninstall the recovery package.


Open "Installed Packages" from settings.


Uninstall the "SansanTagUpdate" package.

Check "Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components", and uninstall.


Recover tags using the DataLoader

You can also recover tags by using the DataLoader.
We recommend you only use it if you are familiar with it, but this is more superior to using the recovery package as you can detect incorrect tag values, view all error messages and update records with errors only.

Here we will show you how to recover tags for contacts. Replace "contacts" with "leads" if you want to recover leads. 


Set up DataLoader and log in

Follow this to install the DataLoader.


Get Record ID and tag values

Export contacts.


Select "Id" and "Sansan_CI__Tags__c", then click "Next".


Update records

Select "Update".


Select the CSV you created earlier, then click "Next".


Select "Id" for map fields.

View the error log and once you've resolved the errors, resolve any other records with the same steps.


Get update results

View update results following the same steps as above.